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Protestor who stormed field last Monday night reportedly suffered concussion

Mike Florio and Chris Simms react to Davante Adams shoving a man on the field after the Raiders' loss to the Chiefs and discuss what punishment the NFL could give the star receiver.

Last Monday night, a trespasser looking for free publicity stormed the field at Levi’s Stadium, in violation of applicable state and/or local laws. He thereafter filed a police report after taking a big hit from Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner. The hit subdued the trespasser.

Via, the trespasser allegedly suffered a concussion, among other injuries. He also was burned on his arm, apparently due to the incendiary device he carried onto the field.

It’s no surprise that the man who was looking for publicity is trying to parlay the reaction to his misbehavior into even more publicity. But even if his injuries are real, it’s his own fault. When he trespassed onto a football field, he assumed he risk that somebody would knock him down, including a football player.

That’s far different from the Davante Adams incident from Monday night, during which the Raiders player shoved someone who had every right to be in the vicinity of the field to the ground.

Maybe next Monday the trifecta will be completed, with a player going into the stands and beating a fan with his own shoe, Mike Milbury-style.