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Raheem Mostert has constant reminder of difficult past

Chris Simms uses the telestrator to break down the X's and O's of the 49ers' run game and shows what the Chiefs can do to slow it down.

In terms of obstacles to overcome, being cut by six teams is child’s play for Raheem Mostert.

That’s because an accident from his own childhood has left him with a constant reminder of what he’s actually overcome.

In a detailed look at his poignant backstory by Tyler Dunne of, the 49ers running back went through some of the details of Mostert’s difficult upbringing in Florida, including never knowing his own father, and an accidental shooting that cost him part of his own left big toe.

When Mostert was 3 or 4 years old, a gang invaded his home at the time. The man who was identified as “Dad” (not his biological father) bought a gun for protection. But the gun was hidden under a pile of laundry, Mostert found it and accidentally fired it into his own foot.

Mostert’s able to joke about it when horrified teammates see it, and jokingly calls it his “good luck charm.”

But the man who bought the gun eventually shot his own son (Mostert’s half-brother) four times, and remains in jail. He stopped talking to his mother after the shooting. Mostert hasn’t heard from the man who abandoned him when he was born, and when he was asked how he might react if he showed up now, Mostert replied: “You better off where you at.”

Between that and the constant backdrop of crime and losing friends to gun violence as he was growing up, he has plenty of reasons to cherish his own family now.

“I don’t want my fami, . . . fami, . . .” he said. “I don’t want my family to live how I lived.”

Given his background, his struggle to find a home with an NFL team pales by comparison. And makes his NFC Championship Game heroics, and the platform it offers him, that much sweeter. But after years of keeping his history private, and confiding only in a close circle, he’s more willing to use it as inspiration now, for anyone looking for a release.

“There can be some rough waves out there,” Mostert said. “The currents are crazy. Hey, I find a way, man.

“I find a way.”