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A league source tells us that the Oakland Raiders offered to keep cornerback DeAngelo Hall for the rest of the 2008 season. But to stay Hall would have had to sacrifice the injury guarantee applicable to his $9 million option bonus due in March 2009 and his guaranteed base salary of $7.5 million for 2009. Hall declined. Teams have until Thursday to make waiver claims for Hall. The more likely outcome is that Hall won’t be claimed, and that he’ll become an unrestricted free agent. There is increasing speculation that the Patriots could be interested in adding Hall, under a minimum-salary deal for the balance of the season. The thinking in some circles is that the Pats would rely upon their veteran leadership in the locker room to influence Hall to be something other than a turd. And if he steps out of line even once, the Pats would undoubtedly cut him loose. Finally, several readers have asked us to explain the concept of injury and skill guarantees. OK, we’ll do it. (Insert eye roll here.) An injury guarantee ensures payment in the event a player is (duh) injured. A skill guarantee means that the player gets the money even if, as in Hall’s case, he is cut. The reality in Hall’s case is that the reports of “guaranteed” money in the amount of $24 million omitted the fact that $16.5 million of it was guaranteed for injury only.