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Raiders, Packers should duplicate the Deshaun Watson trade formula

Mike Florio and Chris Simms break down the similarities between the Packers’ drama with Aaron Rodgers and Raiders’ dilemma with Derek Carr, as well as how they could potentially be connected.

The Raiders want to trade quarterback Derek Carr. The Packers may be trying to trade quarterback Aaron Rodgers. In both cases, the player is being frozen out of the process, at least for now.

It’s a great strategy. If the goal is to not strike a deal for a trade.

The Raiders ultimately need to persuade Carr to waive his no-trade clause. The Packers ultimately need to persuade Rodgers to waive his de facto no-trade clause, since no one will be trading for Rodgers if he doesn’t want to go there.

So why wouldn’t both teams involve the players in the process? More specifically, why not give them full permission to talk to any and all interested teams?

Last year, the Texans played it perfectly with quarterback Deshaun Watson. They basically set a cover charge for negotiating with Watson’s agents, in the form of a commitment as to what the trade compensation would be prior to granting permission to engage in contract talks. Then, Watson’s agents brought four teams to the table, pushing the Browns aside at the perfect time to get them to swoop back in with a five-year, fully-guaranteed contract.

That’s what the Raiders and Packers should do now. Kick the door open for anyone who wants to make a trade offer, and then authorize those willing to meet their expectations the ability to make a pitch to the players.

Neither the Raiders nor Packers are dumb. But they’re apparently stubborn. And stubbornness causes smart people to do dumb things.