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Rams are going to continue to start Case Keenum at quarterback

Rams head coach Jeff Fisher announced that Case Keenum will remain the Rams' starting QB for Week 3, even though the team still doesn't have an offensive touchdown.

The Rams are averaging 4.5 points per game, and their starting quarterback is statistically one of the worst in the NFL.

But they’re still 1-1, and Jared Goff apparently still isn’t ready, so Jeff Fisher is going to keep trotting Case Keenum out there.

Via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times, Fisher made it clear that Keenum would remain the starter Sunday when the Rams play the Buccaneers on the road.

“We need more production out of our offense, and all things point to the quarterback position,” Fisher said. “But I’m expecting Case to continue to get better in this offense and we’re going to win games and score points.”

The Rams were shut out in the opener. In fact. they didn’t even get to the red zone, and Keenum threw two interceptions in the opening loss. In beating the Seahawks Sunday, he was barely better, leading them to three field goals, which makes them the only team in the league without an offensive touchdown.

“If you’re going to be successful in this league — there are a lot of really good offenses — you have to score points,” Keenum said.

Yes, points help. But completing passes is a good start, and Keenum is last in the league in completion percentage (53) among guys who started both games so far. And among the 38 quarterbacks ranked so far, he’s 34th in yards per game (184.5) and 35th in passer rating (57.8). And with a shiny new first overall pick sitting there on the bench (up from being the inactive third quarterback in the opener), the questions are natural.

“If you’re talking about Jared, I don’t want to be a broken record here but we’re going to play him when he’s ready,” Fisher said. “I thought it was a great experience for him [Sunday]. He loved it. I talked to him this morning and said, ‘This is going to be your home for a long time.’ And he’s excited about that. When that happens we’ll let you know. . . .

“When he’s under center, you’ll know, OK? So keep asking that every week if you want. You can ask it again, if you want.”

Until the guy in front of him on the depth chart scores a touchdown or something, those questions should continue, whether Fisher likes it or not.