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Rams offensive line coach Kevin Carberry absent with COVID, despite being vaccinated

Mike Florio unpacks Eric Dickerson's comment about if the Rams should consider getting Todd Gurley back.

Plenty of vaccinated players and staff will still test positive for COVID in 2021, even if vaccinated. In L.A., Rams offensive line coach Kevin Carberry currently falls in that category.

Rams coach Sean McVay told reporters on Wednesday that Carberry was absent from practice due to the positive result.

“He has got COVID right now and we’re going to try to see how quickly we can get him back,” McVay said. “But he’s fully vaccinated, and we’re hopeful to get him back sooner than later.”

For vaccinated players and staff, return to action occurs after a pair of negative tests at least 24 hours apart, with no minimum absence. For unvaccinated players and staff, a mandatory 10-day break remains in place.

“I think we’re continuing to learn about this because he’s fully vaccinated,” McVay said of Carberry. “He has done everything the right way. The good thing is with the parameters around the protocols, if he’s got two negative tests within 24 hours separated, then you can end up returning. And we’re hopeful that that’ll be sooner than later. But you got guys like [offensive assistant] Nick Jones, [offensive assistant] Zak Kromer, have done a great job. We always collaborate as a coaching staff, so we’ve got a lot of great coaches that will pick up the slack. The good thing is what we learned from last year, he can still run a lot of the meetings from a virtual setting. There’s nothing like being physically present with guys, but he’s done an excellent job being able to adjust accordingly.”

Adjust accordingly. That mindset will continue to apply in 2021, even though many believe that the pandemic has begun to fade into the rearview mirror. It definitely hasn’t, and it looms as a potential threat to what widely is assumed to be a normal NFL season.