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Report: Chiefs refuse to pay Haley the balance of his salary

Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears

CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 04: Head coach Todd Haley of the Kansas City Chiefs argues with referee Jerome Boger #23 during a game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on December 4, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. The Chiefs defeated the Bears 10-3. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Getty Images

Earlier this month, former Chiefs coach Todd Haley made waves by indicating a belief that the Chiefs bugged portions of the team facility and tampered with his cell phone. Haley’s next accusation could be a bit more tangible.

Mike Jurecki of XTRA Sports 910 in Phoenix says via Twitter that he’s "[h]earing the Chiefs R refusing 2 play Todd Haley the remainder of his salary, was terminated 4 cause, another words 4 a specific reason.”

In something closer to English, this means that the Chiefs refuse to pay Haley because he was fired “for cause,” which means that the team believes there was some sort of wrongdoing or breach of his contract, which ran through 2012.

It’s not unprecedented, but it’s rare. The Raiders fired former head coach Lane Kiffin for cause, and the team eventually prevailed on the grievance filed by Kiffin with the league office.

That’s the procedure to which coaches agree when becoming coaches, sacrificing their right to sue in court and allowing any claims to be resolved by the league office, a forum that tends to be far more favorable to the 32 franchises who employ the Commissioner.

Given that Haley has worked for the Cardinals, and could soon be working for the Cardinals again, it’s hardly a stretch to ponder whether Haley is telling people like Jurecki that Haley has been stiffed. As with the allegations of bugs and cell-phone shenanigans, Haley should just make the claim, if he has a claim to make.