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Report: Cowboys offer to make Zeke “one of NFL’s two highest paid RBs”

Mike Florio and Chris Simms push back against Cowboys COO Stephen Jones' criticism of player agents.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said in February that the team thought Todd Gurley’s contract with the Rams was “probably where it starts” in talks with running back Ezekiel Elliott about a new deal.

Jones revised that stance earlier this month. He called Gurley’s deal “within the realm” while adding that he believes Le’Veon Bell’s contract with the Jets re-set the market. Bell’s deal calls for a lower annual average salary and less guaranteed money than Gurley is set to receive over the life of his deal in L.A.

Ed Werder of ESPN reports that the team’s latest offer to Elliott comes in between those two deals. None of the terms are disclosed in the report, but the offer would reportedly make Elliott one of the top two highest-paid running backs in the league. Presumably anyone who let Werder know about the offer would have stressed that it was for more than Gurley is getting if that was the case.

PFT has reported that Elliott is looking for an average annual salary of $15 million per year, which is more than Gurley is due under the terms of his contract.

If that offer’s been rejected, it may explain the timing of Jones’s decision to share his view that “sometimes our players have to realize that their representatives don’t always have what’s in the best interest” of the players in mind because agents are looking for the biggest deal.