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Report: Cowher meeting with Bills again today

At a time when there’s an emerging sense that former Steelers coach Bill Cowher will remain on the sidelines for at least another year, multiple readers have brought to our attention a report from an obscure web site headquartered in the town of East Aurora, New York.

Per Joe Logan of (which hopefully has the hamster power to withstand the coming crush of web traffic), Cowher will be in Buffalo on Tuesday for a face-to-face meeting with the Bills.

Giving the report more credibility is that the item, posted on January 4 at 6:35 a.m. ET, stated that the Bills would be firing the entire coaching staff on Monday. If there has been no time-stamp sleight-of-hand, Logan was the first to report that the coaches would be getting shown the door.

Logan also reports that Cowher is expected to make a decision on his coaching future by the end of the week, and that the Bills and the Panthers are the current contenders for Cowher’s services.

You can apply whatever credence to this report that you choose. Given that Logan nailed the looming firing of the entire coaching staff, we think it was worth a mention that Logan also says Cowher will be back in Buffalo on Tuesday.

And if Cowher is still talking to the Bills, Monday’s report regarding his inclination to take no coaching job in 2010 might have been part of the posturing in which he’s engaged as he tries to get the kind of money and control that he desires.