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Report: Eagles and Saints pulling coaches off road because of coronavirus concern

Mike Florio says that concerns over the coronavirus could change the NFL's draft plans because the league has no interest in having meaningless TV images if no fans are present.

With many teams wondering how to classify scouting on the essential travel scale, at least two teams are pulling some of their personnel off the road for the time being.

According to Eric Edholm of Yahoo Sports, the Eagles and Saints have pulled their coaches off the road — at least temporarily — because of concerns about coronavirus.

Those two teams will still have scouts at pro day workouts, though limiting exposure to any amount of team employees is an interesting sign.

Coaches usually operate as a second set of eyes, joining the scouting process after the season ends. And because they can have a different viewpoint than the scouts on the road, they can offer valuable perspective to the process.

Scouts are also used to working remotely, spending the entire fall and spring traveling to college to put eyes on college players. That leads to the question of whether they’ll be dragged back into team facilities to set draft boards, or whether teams discover that can be done through other means as well.