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Report: Funding for Brian Davis Commanders bid could be coming from Saudi Arabia

Mike Florio and Chris Simms discuss why the Commanders have a key opportunity to improve their offensive line in the 2023 NFL Draft, in order to give Sam Howell the best chance to succeed.

So if former Duke and NBA player Brian Davis has cobbled together a $7 billion bid for the Commanders, where is the money coming from?

According to A.J. Perez of, “the source of the funds originated from the Middle East.”

One member of the Davis camp told Perez that “at least some of the funding is coming from Israel.” Another source told Perez that “those involved in the process believe the true source of the funds is Saudi Arabia.”

Regardless of where the remaining 70 percent comes from, 30 percent ($2.1 billion) must come from Davis himself -- in cash. He needs to be able to satisfy the minimum ownership requirements, and then he needs to put the rest of the deal together in a way that complies with league rules.

It all happened so quickly, and it all has a too-good-to-be-true vibe, for now. More importantly, the Davis bid seems to be getting no real traction. We’ll see if it does.