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Report: Johnny Manziel would prefer not to play in Jacksonville


If the Jaguars draft Johnny Manziel tomorrow night, he may not be thrilled about his new home.

That’s the word from Don Banks of Sports Illustrated, who reports that Manziel isn’t wild about the idea of landing in Jacksonville.

According to Banks, that’s not a matter of having anything against the Jaguars. It’s simply about the location. Jacksonville is one of the smallest markets in the NFL, and Johnny Football would apparently prefer to play for a higher-profile team.

Interestingly, the same report says that Manziel’s family doesn’t think Houston is the best fit for Manziel. Apparently the family believes that staying in his home state would make it harder for Manziel to make the transition from Texas A&M to the NFL.

Of course, the Jaguars and Texans probably don’t care very much what Manziel or his family would prefer. If they think Manziel is the right person to lead their franchise going forward, they’ll draft him. And in both places, the fans would be thrilled to welcome Manziel, regardless of whether he’s thrilled about going there.