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Report: Marcus Vick could be involved in shooting

So I went on the Game 102.1 FM in Virginia Beach this afternoon to talk about Michael Vick. Before the segment was over, the hosts (Johnny D. and Bartley Barefoot) proceeded to break some news.

The radio station has sources that Marcus Vick, Michael’s brother, was involved in the shooting that took place after Vick’s 30th birthday party last Friday morning. It’s uncertain what “involved” means here precisely. ESPN’s Adam Schefter said earlier on Wednesday that he believes the shooter will turn himself in to authorities soon.

I was surprised initially to hear the Marcus Vick connection, and couched my response with a lot of “ifs” and “possiblys” regarding the situation. Barefoot had no such equivocation, saying his sources were sure Marcus Vick was involved.

We’ll continue to track the story, as will a growing number of national sources. ESPN led their NFL coverage today on air and online with Michael Vick’s timeline problem.

The longer this story drags on, the more uncomfortable it grows for Vick, not to mention the Eagles and Roger Goodell.

Vick could really use that shooter to come forward quickly.