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Report: NFL owners “summoned” to New York for CBA update

Mike Florio explains why the NFLPA will likely give in to the NFL's ask of a 17-game regular season as talks progress with a new CBA.

It’s usually a good idea to not disrupt the schedules of billionaires without good reason. The league office apparently has a good reason.

Mike Silver of the NFL reports that the NFL has “summoned” owners to New York for a meeting later this week regarding the ongoing labor negotiations with the NFL Players Association. Per Silver “significant progress” has been made, but the two sides are “far apart” on “some outstanding issues.”

As PFT reported earlier in the day, one of the biggest remaining issues relates to the funding rule. Which means that a general consensus has been reached on plenty of other more important issues, like how the financial pie would be divided under a 17-game format.

Silver adds that a new labor deal, finalized before the start of the league year on March 18, would include a 17-game season the would commence between 2021 and 2023. And that’s hardly a small detail. As PFT explained over the weekend, the league wants to start with 17 games by 2021; the players would like to push it to 2023. That would make 2022 an obvious point for compromise, if the NFL is willing to compromise on this item.