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Report: Trent Dilfer likely out at ESPN


Will the last person to leave Bristol please sing the Don Meredith song?

On Sunday, Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News reported that ESPN’s Trent Dilfer “is likely headed out the door.” The change, if it occurs, will be triggered by money.

On Monday, Richard Deitsch of reported that, while Dilfer is still at ESPN, a separation is likely. All ESPN would say on the matter, per Deitsch, is that "[w]e are in the process of determining our NFL assignments for this fall.”

As Deitsch notes, Dilfer not long ago was regarded as the most likely replacement on Monday Night Football for Jon Gruden, if/when Gruden ever scratches the itch to coach again, man. Matthew Hasselbeck is expected to assume some of Dilfer’s Monday night responsibilities at the game site.

The fact that it’s not done yet but that it’s pointing in that direction suggests that someone has leaked this to show the other side that there’s no bluffing going on. It could be ESPN, it could be Dilfer. Regardless, if this move doesn’t cause someone to blink, we’ll all be looking at another bald-headed former quarterback on Monday nights and otherwise during the 2016 season.