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Report: Unnamed witness heard Stephen Ross offer Brian Flores $100,000 per loss

Mike Florio and Peter King react to one of Brian Flores' biggest bombshells, alleging that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offered $100,000 for each Miami loss in 2019.

The NFL has a fire burning. The NFL’s media conglomerate is fanning the flames.

Cameron Wolfe of NFL Network reports that “he spoke with a witness who said he heard Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offer former head coach Brian Flores $100,000 for every loss during the 2019 season.”

The league initially declared that Flores’s claims are “without merit"; the NFL’s publication of a report corroborating Flores’s tanking-related allegation directly undermines that contention.

It’s courageous for Wolfe to make this report. It’s courageous, or maybe not very bright (depending on the perspective), for his editors to give it the green light. Wolfe works for the NFL. Will the NFL insist that Wolfe reveal the name of the witness? Will Wolfe do so? What happens if he doesn’t?

Meanwhile, and as explained earlier today, Ross faces potential prosecution for violation of the Sports Bribery Act. It’s one thing for such a case to come down to Ross and Flores giving conflicting versions of the same conversation. If there’s corroboration of Flores’s version, a prosecutor becomes much more likely to pursue the case.

So, basically, Wolfe’s report -- published on a platform partially owned by Ross -- could result not only in Ross losing the Dolphins but also in Ross being prosecuted.