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Reports: Vikings get Yannick Ngakoue for $12 million, with the ability to tag him next year

The Vikings sit at number 13 in PFT's preseason rankings and while Mike Florio believes they can win the division, Chris Simms isn't sure they'll make the playoffs.

Yes, Yannick Ngakoue really, truly, badly wanted out of Jacksonville.

Per multiple reports, the final number of the salary Ngakoue will earn from the Vikings in 2020 comes in at $12 million. That’s a $5.788 million reduction, nearly a third of what he would have made this year if he’d stayed with the Jaguars. (Meanwhile, he wouldn’t have paid state income taxes for his eight home games; he’ll pay 9.85 percent for his eight homes games now. That’s another $591,000.)

Despite the pay cut, the Vikings retain the ability to tag Ngakoue in 2021. He’d either get the base franchise tag for defensive ends, which will drop from $17.788 million if the cap drops, down to a minimum of a 20-percent raise over $12 million, or $14.4 million. That 2021 tag also would become the starting point for a long-term deal.

Coincidentally, or not, Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter currently makes $14.4 million per year. Thus, the Ngakoue haircut will make Hunter less inclined to potentially want more money.

If the deal isn’t officially official, it’s possible that someone will realize that, in return for the $5.788 million haircut, Ngakoue should have greater protection under the franchise tag. If it isn’t officially official, it’s also possible that Ngakoue will realize that, for $5.788 million plus the absence of state income taxes for his home games, he should suck it up for one more year in Jacksonville and then become an unrestricted free agent in little more than six months.