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Restaurant owner: Video shows Vick leaving three minutes before shooting

Michael Vick and his lawyer could have a major timeline problem.

The owner of the restaurant that hosted Vick’s birthday party last week says he has video of Vick and “his entourage” driving away from the restaurant at 2:07 A.M., only three minutes before gunshots were fired in the direction the cars went.

Florio is spending some much deserved time with the family, so I’ll say it: wow.

“I’m not saying that Michael Vick did the shooting,” Allen Fabija told the Daily Press. “But he did not leave [long] before” the shooting like Vick told police, according to Vick’s lawyer.

Vick’s camp has consistently painted a picture of the Eagles quarterback leaving his party well before the shooting. First, we heard 30 minutes. Vick’s attorney Larry Woodward told the AP on Tuesday that his client left at least 10 minutes before the shooting and up to 20 minutes before.

Now there is possibly video evidence putting the number at three minutes.

Woodward and Vick better hope the video proves Fabija lied to the newspaper. Otherwise, Vick’s entire account to police will be called into question.