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Revis camp takes one last shot at Jets


It’s fitting that the rocky relationship between the Jets and cornerback Darrelle Revis would end with the player’s camp throwing one final stone at the franchise.

The organization is not committed to winning,” a source close to Revis told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News in the aftermath of the trade that sends Revis to Tampa Bay.

While that’s likely debatable, the truth at a minimum is that the Jets weren’t committed to paying Revis. It’s unclear whether Revis would have accepted from the Jets the same year-to-year, $16 million annual offer that the Buccaneers made, but the Jets apparently weren’t inclined to make it.

At a minimum, the Jets would have wanted assurances against a third holdout from Revis, which could become inevitable in 2014 or 2015 if he ends up making an Adrian Peterson-style return from ACL replacement surgery. Other than the fines to which any player would be subject for holding out while under contract, the new Revis deal includes no ability to recover money paid in prior years, since Revis received no signing bonus.

Of course, it all will be forgotten quickly in New York if Revis never returns to form, or if the 13th overall pick received from Tampa can be parlayed into a great player. But the problem with the draft is that, for ever great player there’s a crappy one. And there’s no guarantee when the name is called that the player will fall into the desired category.

Unless we know more about the NFL fortunes of the player taken with the first-round pick obtained for Revis’s rights, Jets fans will settle for the team demonstrating its commitment to winning by winning the regular-season opener -- which features a visit from Revis and his new team.