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Rex Ryan says he stole the “All In” slogan from Dabo Swinney


The Bills showed up for offseason workouts on Monday with a new slogan for 2016: “All In.” Rex Ryan told reporters he lifted the phrase out of another coach’s tool bag.

“You know me, I’ll steal something,” Ryan said. “So if it’s good, I’ll steal it. And I stole it.”

So where did he steal it from?

“You all know where I stole that from,” Ryan said. “Where do I steal a lot of my ideas from?”

The reporters needed only one guess: Clemson coach Dabo Swinney.

“That’s it!” Ryan said. “That’s it. But it’s funny because you do search for different things and you’re trying to get up with it but I think it’s a great slogan. He used it several years ago, but it was something that I think resonates really well with our football team because what you’re trying to ask them to do is, I mean, it’s tough man. I mean it’s easy to talk about, ‘Oh yeah, he’s all in.’ ‘Yeah, I’m all in,’ but your actions speak louder than words, but having it in there is a reminder, a daily reminder, of the commitment we have to each other. And I think that’s a good thing to do.”

The other headline created by Ryan on Monday came from his decision to introduce Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a Monday night rally. Which creates the impression that Ryan is “all in” for Trump. But that may not be the case.

“I am going to introduce him,” Ryan said. “That is true. That is a true statement. I am not going to say who my endorsement is and all that stuff. You guys know, I will say this Chris Christie was my guy 100 percent, because we were the lap band of brothers.”

As slogans go, “Lap Band of Brothers” is a lot better than “All In.”