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Ricky Williams “kind of” quit football to smoke weed


Dolphins running back Ricky Williams made a surprise announcement just before the start of training camp in 2004 that he would retire from the NFL. Williams also acknowledged that he was an avid user of marijuana, and at the time he was facing a suspension for marijuana use. As a result, it’s been said that Williams “retired to smoke weed.”

Williams says that’s true, to a point.

“It’s kind of true, but not the way that people see it, that I quit football to go smoke weed,” Williams told Sports Illustrated.

Williams’ comments came as part of a documentary that will publish next week, and Williams discussed his support for medicinal marijuana and his opposition to the way the NFL conducts its substance abuse policy. Williams believes that a player shouldn’t have to quit football if he wants to go smoke weed, because Williams believes one has nothing to do with the other.