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Roger Goodell optimistic about return to Mexico, with or without wall

Roger Goodell says that the NFL could return to Mexico soon but judging on the conditions of Stadio Azteca, the league needs to protect its multimillion dollar investments.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to go back to Mexico, and no wall will stop him.

Goodell told ESPN’s John Sutcliffe before the game that the league wants to evaluate the entire game experience but was generally in favor of a return to Mexico City.

It’s been an incredible success so far,” Goodell said. “I’m optimistic we’ll be back.

“We’re going to get to work right away on this. . . . This is a priority for us. We see the passion that’s happening here and the fan’s interest in this game continues to explode. We want to feed that. . . . We want to continue that relationship and be back for more.”

Goodell, the politician that he is, carefully navigated the waters of President-Elect Donald Trump’s immigration policies and campaign rhetoric.

“I don’t see that changing our perspective at all,” Goodell said. “For us, this is about the future and continuing to grow and to reach more fans. . . . This isn’t about politics.

“For us, this is about uniting people. I think you’ll see fans in Mexico enjoying America’s favorite sport, football, and that’s a great thing for us to all come together behind.”

Then again, Goodell has been getting people on both sides of the border to pay for things they don’t necessarily need for decades. So as long as any potential wall allows for the passage of officially licensed goods and merchandise, he sounds like he’s good with future deals there.