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Romo takes on the Rob Lowe role for Sunday Ticket

It’s been a while since DirecTV aired the Rob Lowe commercials, some of which were excellent and some of which were creepy.

The cable-alter-ego shtick is back for football season, with Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo playing the dual role of himself, who has DirecTV, and bald-headed and bearded “Arts and Craftsy” Tony Romo, who has cable.

While memorable, the entire campaign attempts to craft bizarre stereotype that anyone who has DirecTV is super cool -- and anyone who has cable is some sort of a goofball. The perception quickly falls apart with this reality: I have DirecTV, and I don’t need to post a poll at PFT to know that I’m some sort of a goofball.

As to Romo, the far better campaign (setting aside the bizarre nature of the satellite-cable distinction) would have gone something like this: “‘Hi, I’m Tony Romo of 2015, and I have DirecTV.’ . . . ‘Hi, I’m Tony Romo of 2006 through 2014, the one that consistently screwed up when a big game was on the line, and I have cable.”