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Ryan Mallett missing from Texans practice, and they won’t say why


Two days after saying he was “angry” about losing the starting quarterback competition to Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett was not at Texans practice today.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, Texans coach Bill O’Brien didn’t expound on the absence, setting the stage for truckloads of speculation.

That’s between Ryan and I,” coach Bill O’Brien said of his absence, and later adding: “That’s a personal issue with him.”

Mallett was at practice Wednesday since being demoted, and when asked if he’d be back at practice tomorrow, O’Brien replied: “I would think so.”

Unless they’re just saving something for “Hard Knocks,” it’s hard to imagine the point of not clarifying this one. When an admitted angry guy goes missing, there’s going to be plenty of people wondering why. And if it’s nothing serious, it’s pretty easy to say that too.