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Sapp digs in on his Rice-Strahan assessment


If the Hall of Fame busts really do talk to each other at night, it’ll be interesting when Warren Sapp’s and Michael Strahan’s are in there together.

Sapp, who previously said he was worried about not getting a spot in the Class of 2013 because he was competing with “media darling” Strahan, has since launched an anti-Strahan campaign, arguing repeatedly that Strahan is less worthy than Sapp’s former teammate, Simeon Rice.

Sapp reiterated his position Tuesday on NFL Network.

“For all of the people who are not historians of the football as I am, Michael Strahan started his career at right defensive end in New York to replace Lawrence Taylor. The great Lawrence Taylor. In those three years, [Strahan] had 12 sacks, which averages out to four a year. So they put ‘B-U-S’ and they said, ‘Wait, before we call him a bust let’s move him to the left side.’ Hey, there you go. Ten-and-a-half sacks a year, 128. He’s a great left end. Simeon Rice [had] 122 [sacks] at right end and ain’t never been moved.”

It’s the same argument Sapp made last week, down to the ‘B-U-S’ shtick. While it’s generally accepted that the left tackle is better than the right tackle (for teams with right-handed quarterbacks), the right tackle typically isn’t the worst of the five linemen, contrary to what Sapp said last week. Moreover, great pass rushers draw double teams and chips and all sorts of extra help, regardless of where they line up.

Case in point: Reggie White spent most of his career at left defensive end. That’s something most historians of the football know.

While there’s nothing wrong with Sapp propping up a former teammate, he shouldn’t be knocking Strahan, especially when it’s clear that there’s some sort of rivalry or jealousy between the two men. While Sapp is paid for his opinions, this opinion is tainted by whatever is going on between him and Strahan.