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Seahawks fan launches Legion of Boom petition for Madden game


After “winning” the right to be on the cover of the next Madden game, which would be far better if it actually had some competition, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman made a plea for some of his teammates to join him.

“I’ve been trying to get the Legion of Boom on the cover, and EA has been fighting me,” Sherman said. “So if everybody wants to start a petition to get the Legion of Boom on the cover, here it is, here’s an open invitation.”

The invitation has been accepted. Via, a fan named Jason Coiner has launched the effort, which has picked up more than 1,300 signatures as of this posting.

“It’s a team sport and he wanted to share that with the team,” Coiner said. “That’s an unselfish act and to me that needs to be pushed because not too many people are like that.”

The truly unselfish act would be for Sherman to share the money he’ll be getting for appearing on the cover with the rest of his Legion of Boom teammates. EA surely doesn’t want to pay four times the amount it’s already paying to have Sherman on the box. So if he’d split his money four ways and Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, and Byron Maxwell would accept it, Sherman may be able to get his wish, with or without a petition that serves only to give more free publicity to EA.

Posts like this also give EA more free publicity. Even if I always point out that the game isn’t very good and that I have no intention to purchase it and that I would recommend against buying it until the game becomes what it could be if EA hadn’t paid the NFL enough money to drive all competitors out of the market.