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Seahawks fumble their attempt at an MLK tribute


Well, now some poor intern in the Seahawks communications department is going to find out exactly how Brandon Bostick feels.

As have many professional sports leagues and franchises have done today, the Seahawks chose to commemorate the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday with a tweet.

Unfortunately for them, it was more clumsy than Bostick’s attempt to catch an onside kick which allowed the football team to come back and win a football game against another group of football players.

Seriously, even NASCAR, that bastion of progressive thought, was able to walk this line tastefully.

But not the Seahawks.

Someone took the time to superimpose a picture of a crying Russell Wilson next to a King quote, and then tweeted it out to the world with the inscription: “We shall overcome.”

Yes, because the Packers and the institutional march of racism which swept over our land for an embarrassing amount of time are exactly the same thing.

The Seahawks quickly deleted the message, but this is the internet, and nothing ever really goes away.

So on this day, let us say, that we too have a dream, that one day professional sports teams will stop overestimating their social importance, and remember that they are a collection of ball players who people enjoy watching play ball.