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Sean McVay: Rams will be “around” fully vaccinated at start of regular season

The NFL reportedly will test vaccinated players and staff members more frequently than every 14 days and Mike Florio explains why this is the right move, given the escalation of COVID-19.

Los Angeles currently is a COVID hot spot, again. The Rams are ready for it, with a high vaccination rate among staff and players.

“It’s been really good,” coach Sean McVay told reporters on Monday regarding the team’s willingness to get vaccinated. “All of our staff is. [I] don’t want to get into the exact numbers, but we are really close to 100 percent of our players having the vaccination. Some of those guys are in the process of getting that started within the last week. . . . I think you do want to be understanding and respectful of everybody has an individual approach, that resonates with me. Where you want to be empathetic to why they may feel good or why they might have concerns. Our guys have done a great job of trying to educate us on their perspective. We’ve gotten close to 100 percent of our guys that are committed to doing that, which is good.”

McVay stopped short of saying that the team will be fully vaccinated by the start of the season.

“I would say that it will be around there,” McVay said. “If certain guys feel adamant that they don’t want to -- totally respect and understand that. I think for me as a coach, you want to be understanding of it. What it does do is, it eliminates some of the things that you naturally have to just navigate through with the obstacles that are in place, whether you are or aren’t [vaccinated], some of the protocols that we have to follow. I feel like we’re in a really good place and it’s not going to be any reason for it to be a distraction for our team.”

McVay’s inability to predict a 100-percent vaccination rate likely means that one or more players who definitely will be on the team have made it clear that they definitely won’t be getting vaccinated.