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Shad Khan will be a hands-on owner in using the first pick in the 2021 NFL draft

Doug Marrone is out in Jacksonville, but while Urban Meyer is an expected frontrunner for the head coaching position, he might not be the Jaguars' best choice long-term.

Shad Khan wants the next general manager of the Jaguars to know he’ll be working for a hands-on owner.

Khan told reporters today that he has control of the team’s roster and will retain that control even after the team hires a general manager.

“I kept the roster control and the candidates, the General Manager candidates, I’ve been talking to them, that for the immediate future I’m going to keep the roster control. And I want the coach to know that also,” Khan said.

That doesn’t mean Khan will be micromanaging every practice squad signing and waiver claim, but Khan sounds like he wants to have final say over who the Jaguars select with the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

“What’s evaded the history of the Jags, really, has been a franchise quarterback,” Khan said. “We have the ability now to make a choice and it’s going to define the franchise moving forward.”

The reality is, the owner always has the ultimate, final say. Some owners are very hands-off and some are very hands-on, but the owner makes the call. And with a call as important as the first pick in the draft (which will probably be Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence but could be Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields), Khan is the decider.