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Should Browns play it safe or go for broke?

With so many quarterback options available and no clarity on who will go where, the 2018 NFL Draft is impossible to predict.

As the draft approaches, most observers have narrowed Cleveland’s potential selections with the first overall pick down to two players: Josh Allen or Sam Darnold.

As Peter King of explained it in making Darnold the projected pick, the Browns need to play it safe after blowing it so many times regarding the most important position on the field. Allen is the boom or bust candidate; Darnold is the between the buoys selection.

Whatever the Browns plan to do, they’re saying nothing. And that’s one of the benefits of having the first overall pick. If the Browns can’t fascinate football fans by what they do on the field, they can titillate when it comes to what they’ll do at No. 1.

By all appearances, it’s Dorsey’s call. But if owner Jimmy Haslam and/or the homeless guy who counsels Haslam catches a wild hair between now and Thursday, maybe Dorsey’s decision will be influenced by what the guy who owns the team wants.

Haslam, of course, should let Dorsey make the decision. And if Haslam begins to get the itch to chime in (he surely loves Baker Mayfield, for the same reasons Haslam loved Johnny Manziel), Haslam should resist scratching.

Until then, we’ll all be scratching our noggins as we try to figure out what the Browns will do.