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Speculation commences on what Jets could get for Revis


The Jets have made it known that they will at least explore their options regarding cornerback Darrelle Revis. Which means that anyone interested in trading for him now knows that he’s available.

So what could the Jets get? An NFL source with knowledge of the market tells the New York Post that the Jets will aim high.

“They’re going to ask for two [first-round picks],’’ the source said, which coincidentally is the same package they got for receiver Keyshawn Johnson 13 years ago. “It’s going to take probably a first and a third [round pick] and salary . . . picking up the money end of it is a big consideration as well. Maybe a throw-in seventh-round pick depending on how well he does.’’

That seems ridiculously high, given the impact of the rookie wage scale on the value of draft picks and given that Revis is still recovering from a torn ACL. No one will give up that kind of value without knowing Revis will be the same player -- and without knowing that he’ll be sticking around for a while under a contract that he deems acceptable. Which will be hard to negotiate until knowing if he’s healthy.

Seven years ago, the Dolphins gave up a second-round pick for quarterback Daunte Culpepper, who had suffered the knee-ligament Trifecta the prior season. And Culpepper never was the same as he was from 2000 through 2004.

More recently, the Patriots gave up a fourth-round pick for cornerback Aqib Talib and a seventh-round pick, even though Talib was in the final year of his rookie deal. Though the Patriots have not yet extended Talib’s contract, they have the luxury of the franchise tag; Revis can’t be tagged.

Another source tells the Post that the Jets will get less than they could have gotten by allowing their intentions to be known.

“They’ve tipped their hand and taken all their leverage away,’’ the source said. “This could have been done in silence, other than saying ‘We’re going to trade our best player,’ coming from the owner.”

We disagree with that. The Jets will maximize their return for Revis by maximizing interest. It becomes an auction, and if two or more teams decide they must have him, the offers will (in theory) get better and better.

The only problem is that, by allowing word of the trade interest to be leaked, the Jets now have a potential issue with their best player. And it will take more than a give-me-time-to-review-the-roster conversation with new G.M. John Idzik to restore the belief that the Jets plan to keep Revis around.