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Stage Set For Favre’s Second Annual Unretirement?

Earlier this year, quarterback Brett Favre announced his Second Annual Retirement. The move was surprising, given that Favre had enough leverage to force an outright release. With a $13 million cap number that the Jets couldn’t comfortably carry, Favre could have dug in his heels -- and the Jets would have had to dump him. Per published reports from February, agent Bus Cook asked the Jets if they’d give Favre an outright release in lieu of placing him on the reserve-retired list, and the Jets declined. But, as point out in our latest Ten-Pack for, circumstances have since changed. The Jets have found their quarterback of the future. (And, as far as the effort to sell PSLs is concerned, the future is right-freaking-now.) They’d have no reason to bring Brett back, if he decides he wants to play in 2009. Then there’s the question of whether Favre has the stomach to force the issue for the second straight year. On one hand, all he has to do is send a letter to the Commissioner asking to be reinstated, and then the Jets would have to come up instantly with enough cap room to accommodate his $13 million salary. On the other hand, he’d have to suffer through even louder voices of criticism for his inability to move on, and for his clumsy quest to end his career in Elwayian fashion. Our guess? If Favre decides that he’s intrigued by addition of Percy Harvin to a stable of playmakers that includes Adrian Peterson, Chester Taylor (for now), and Bernard Berrian, Favre might feel very differently in late June than he did in late January regarding the question of whether his Second Annual Retirement should be his last one. So file this possibility away in the back of your minds for now. In roughly the same spot where it’s likely swirling in the back of Brett’s. UPDATE: In the interests of clarity, the Jets couldn’t trade Favre to the Vikings or any other NFC North team (except the Packers) without owing Green Bay three first-round draft picks. But if/when Favre forces his free and clear release, Favre can sign with anyone, and the Jets would owe the Packers nothing.