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Friday was a good day for Browns receiver Donte’ Stallworth. As of 4:00 p.m. EDT, he officially earned a $4.875 million roster bonus. But Saturday is turning out to be a very bad day for the one-time first-round pick. According to CBS4 in Miami, Stallworth has been detained after an automobile accident that killed a pedestrian. Per the report, the accident happened at the intersection of Fisher Island Drive and the MacCarthur Causeway in Miami. We’ve separately been advised that police are investigating whether Stallworth was driving under the influence. According to a source with knowledge of the investigation, authorities performed a mandatory blood draw on Stallworth, and they are awaiting the results of the test. We’re also told that prosecutors are involved, and charges could be filed soon. Stallworth, per the source, was driving a Bentley. As our own Aaron Wilson discovered while chasing the tip we’d received (yeah, we were responsible and tried to confirm before posting . . . for a change), Stallworth was arrested in 2006 while driving a Bentley. According to, Stallworth was busted after he refused to turn of his cell phone and shut off the engine after a traffic stop for driving with an expired license. Wilson is in the process of gathering more details, and he might be posting a follow-up soon. And let’s not forget that someone died what by all appearances was a preventable death. We hope that, regardless of what happened, the tragedy will cause the Donte’ Stallworths and Albert Haynesworths of the NFL to be a lot more careful in the future when driving their cars. Coincidentally, Stallworth and Haynesworth both played college football at Tennessee, and both were picked in the first round of the 2002 draft, only two selections apart.