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Sunday Night Football Extra: Live Chat

Watch Sunday Night Football -- Patriots vs. Colts -- in HD on your computer.
- Game Highlights
- Four live alt cameras
- Live chat with Mike Florio

Watch the action with SNF EXTRA

8:19pm ET - So Mike, just to keep the tradition alive, what do the Patriots need to do to win tonight?
Score. More. Points. Than. The Colts.

8:21pm ET - Yo Mike, the Titans are now 3-0 with Vince under the helmet. Is VY the future of the Titans?
It sure looks that way. Why in the heck didn’t Jeff Fisher switch to him sooner?

8:23pm ET - Brady or Manning?

The Hall of Fame quarterbacks that Andrea Kremer polled prefer Manning. It’s hard to disagree. If he had been playing for the Pats, he’d be working on Super Bowl win No. 5 or 6.

8:24pm ET - Time for work Florio . . . where you at?
Sorry, I was stuck in traffic.

8:25pm ET - Do the Giants still have a chance?
No, given that the Cowboys and Eagles both scored impressive road wins today. Oh, wait.

8:26pm ET - Who do you think will win?
I need to check who’s playing. I keep forgetting.

8:27pm ET - Hearing anything on Michael Turner?
Ankle injury. MRI tomorrow. Could be serious.

8:29pm ET - Thoughts on the Packers’ win? McCarthy off hot seat?
For now. Long way to go to save his job. At least he didn’t “lay an egg” today.

8:30pm ET - Is Denver in deep doo doo?
I’d call it “medium doo doo” for now.

8:31pm ET - Mike, can I ask a CBA question?

8:33pm ET - Is the audio down?
I’m told there are temporary audio difficulties. Thanks for your patience. And for continuously asking about the audio even after I provide this information.

8:35pm ET - Do the Redskins have a chance?
Um. No.

8:36pm ET - Do you have a name for the animal on your head?
I call him “Jon Runyan’s arms.”

8:36pm ET - Do you think the Colts will go 16-0?
If they win tonight, possibly.

8:37pm ET - Think Indy will flop in the post season?
If they play the Chargers, maybe.

8:38pm ET - Hey Mike, you gotta get that memory of yours checked you keep forgetting things.
Who is this Mike you keep mentioning?

8:39pm ET - Mike, what about me, can I ask a CBA question?
Don’t ask if you can ask a question. Just ask the darn question. Whether I answer it is a different issue.

8:41pm ET - This is freakin’ awesome!
I knew you were still out there, Chris Farley.

8:42pm ET - Mike, do you think the Cleveland Browns will upset Baltimore on MNF?
I would be shocked. Browns are coming apart at the seams.

8:43pm ET - How mad is Rex Ryan tonight?
He’s recovering by eating a half-gallon of ice cream without using a spoon. Or any other utensil.

8:45pm ET - How can Montana prefer Brady in the first half and Manning in the second half? Last time I checked Brady is the comeback king.
I think Montana refused to give a direct answer because he received no appearance fee.

8:46pm ET - Do the Chiefs have a chance?
To do what? Not have the first overall pick?

8:47pm ET - Still think Sidney Rice is mediocre?
A lot of receivers look mediocre when they have a non-Hall of Fame quarterback throwing them passes.

8:48pm ET - Is yall thing stop working?
I’ve decided to answer this question just to give “yall” a flavor of what I get to sift through every week.

8:49pm ET - Florio, what did you think about that Cincy-WVU goal line fumble reversal?
At the risk of being run out of my home state, I think it was a good call. The ball merely needs to contact the front of the goal line.

8:52pm ET - Mike i will give you some props for having a little faith in Cincy this preseason.
Thanks. It’s balanced out by the fact that I picked the Redskins to win the NFC. Doh.

8:53pm ET - If you were stuck on an island, what two things would you bring with you?
My computer and a really, really long cord.

8:54pm ET - Do the Colts have the oldest fans in the league?? There are a lot of old people in the stands!
Giants fans are fairly geezerish. But at least they don’t give middle fingers to the other sideline.

8:55pm ET - Mike, I just had a baby girl. Should I name her Brady or Manning?
I suggest Soda.

8:56pm ET - Mike, are you wearing a red or blue snuggie right now?
Zubaz print snuggie.

8:57pm ET - What do you think about the Minnesota Vikings this year?
I think they’ll find a way to ultimately let their fans down, like pretty much every other year.

8:58pm ET - hahahahahahah FIRE!
That guy did a very lame job of putting it out.

8:59pm ET - Browns on MNF? Who thought that was a good idea?
But they showed so much potential last year, when they won . . . four . . . games.

9:00pm ET - Who’s a bigger homer: You for WVU or Paul Allen for the Vikings?
Since I have never shouted “Oh my heavens!” after a WVU score, I think the nod goes to P.A.

9:01pm ET - Hey Mike they just mentioned your name on NBC. Just thought I’d let you know.
Thanks. I missed it. I only watch FOX.

9:01pm ET - Is Charlie Weis going back to the NFL if he is let go by Notre Dame?
I figure Parcells or Belichick will find a job for him.

9:03pm ET - Who will be the Buffalo Bills coach next year?
Wild guess. Leslie Frazier.

9:04pm ET - Mike, how can I get your job?
Find one of the golden tickets and don’t fall into the chocolate river.

9:05pm ET - Where do you think Larry Johnson will end up?

9:06pm ET - NBC should tape cameras to players’ helmets for another camera view.
The World League had cameras inside the helmet. Did the XFL have that, too? (Oh, great. Here comes a flood of responses.)

9:07pm ET - Do you think Paul Allen can handle a letdown this year though? He is gonna get crushed.
I try to talk him back to reality every week. And it doesn’t work. “Mission Miami” is all he says in response.

9:08pm ET - Mike what do you think of the Saints this year?
I think they looked beatable for the first time this year. Whatever the Rams did, other teams will be studying the film and trying to mimic it.

9:09pm ET - How did you get this job? You don’t know anything about football.
9:09pm - Thanks a lot for blowing the whistle on me. You probably would rat out your uncle for shoplifting from a bookstore.

9:10pm ET - Do people your age know how to Twitter?
Only after eating chili.

9:10pm ET - Mike, will something like this ever be available for every game?
NBC uses it for every regular-season game.

9:12pm ET - Thoughts on the Saints? They didn’t look great on D, but they were missing 3 of 4 starters in the secondary...
They were playing a horrible team and nearly lost. They suddenly don’t look like a dominant team.

9:14pm ET - Mike, What do you think about Gruden coaching in Notre Dame? I am trying to start a rumor!
I think they’d have to add earmuffs to the Touchdown Jesus mural.

9:19pm ET - What are you getting for Christmas this year?

I want a nice set of Bose headphones. Bose. So I can “experience the Bose difference.” From Bose. (Maybe that’ll get them to send me one.)

9:19pm ET - Which team is the hottest right now? The Chargers or the Titans?
The Chargers have won four in a row. And they’ve got a much more realistic shot at the postseason.

9:20pm ET - Mike, are the Titans the best 3-6 football team ever?
Man, I was starting to miss that question.

9:22pm ET - Can I give subscriptions to your site out as Chrismas gifts?
Yes. And make donations in their name to the Human Fund.

9:23pm ET - What do you think about MJD not going in for the TD??
It was a smart move. If they don’t convert the two-point conversion, a touchdown and an extra point beats them.

9:27pm ET - BRADY, MOSS TOUCHDOWNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moss looks like he did in 1998 all over again. Just throw it up and he’ll catch it.

9:29pm ET - You think Moss and Brady had a bit of chip on the shoulder tonight. They look unstoppable.
Not sure about a chip in their shoulder. But they are focused. And Moss just passed T.O. on the all-time touchdown reception list.

9:30pm ET - Mike, John Bowie, the player the Raiders selected with the 4th round pick they got for Randy Moss, now has two career tackles and 0 interceptions. Randy Moss has over 3,200 yards, 40 touchdowns and 1 interception since that trade. Is that the most lopsided trade ever?
No because Moss was going to spend one more year with the Raiders, contribute nothing, and then leave as a free agent.

9:31pm ET - Mike, who do you have as this years sleeper playoff team?
Not sure yet, but every year there’s a team that emerges from the pack in late November and/or December and surprises us all.

9:32pm ET - So I got some advice for the Colts, cover that 81 guy. Good advice?
I think they’d have a better chance at success following the “Jeff Gillooly” strategy.

9:33pm ET - Why does it always look like Moss is just jogging down the field?

Long strides are deceptive. Mario Lemieux was the same way when skating.

9:34pm ET - Mike, have you participated in the New River Gorge Bridge Day?
Yes. I once threw a paper airplane over the side. It failed to do a loop-de-loop.

9:35pm ET - That sleeper team Mike, is the Buffalo Bills.
The question was sleeper team, no comatose team.

9:39pm ET - Do you see the Colts not having Bob Sanders back next year?
I think they’ll listen if anyone makes trade offers.

9:39pm ET - WOOOOHOOO! Yet another touchdown for the PATS.
This one might be over. . . . But please keep watching. They might light the field on fire again.

9:42pm ET - I still think that the sleeper team for the year is the 49ers. You agree, Mike?
They need to do more on offense. To score only 10 points despite five picks is pretty pathetic


9:46pm ET - Is L.T. back or was it a fluke?

I’ll call it a fluke for now.

9:47pm ET - Mike, do you think Westbrook’s career could be over, seeing how concerned he was about his first concussion?
I think his age combined with constant leg joint injuries coupled with this concussion problem could mean he’s done after this year.

9:48pm ET - Did PFT give out mid-season awards?
Yes. There’s a link on the front page of the site.

9:49pm ET - WOW this game is not over yet!
That’s right. It’s still in doubt. Don’t change the channel yet.

9:52pm ET - Mike, I met Westbrook in a bar many years ago -- nice guy. He should consider life after football. I wish him well -- either way. Is he HOF material?
I’ve never studied his career numbers but I think he won’t come close to stacking up.

9:54pm ET - Pretty sweet spin move by Brady huh?
Yes, it would have been more impressive if he had thrown it to a guy in a white shirt that didn’t have: (1) a collar; and (2) a Colts logo.

9:56pm ET - Mike, McNabb and Reid gone after this year?
If they lose next Sunday night (on NBC) at Chicago, they’ll be 5-5. Last year after losing to the Ravens, they were 5-5-1, and there was a strong sense both would be gone until they turned it around.

9:58pm ET - Am I reading the future?
Yes. The date here is December 22, 2012. I survived! The rest of the world, not so much.

9:59pm ET - Is Cutler any good?
He was good in Denver. Not good in Chicago. The blame goes on the front office for getting him or the coaching staff for not being able to get the most out of him.

10:00pm ET - Mike, would you say that the Patriots are the best team in the NFL even know they lost 2 games?
If they win tonight, yes. And then they get the Saints in two weeks.

10:01pm ET - Mike, did 86 year old Bud Adams really flip off the Bills sideline, or just T.O.?
When you show two middle fingers in the general direction of an entire football team, it’s hard to say it was meant for only one guy.

10:02pm ET - Mike, will the Jaguars make the playoffs this year?
It’s still an uphill climb but the win today keeps them alive.

10:03pm ET - Mike, have you played Modern Warfare 2?
No, I stink at those games. Florio Jr. has been playing it all week.

10:04pm ET - I don’t agree I think that Saints are better. And Reggie Bush is just amazing.
One good game every 6 weeks or so does not equal “amazing.”

10:06pm ET - I do declare there has been a murder here!
I guess the only way to keep this message from being posted another 100 times is to acknowledge it.

10:10pm ET - Mike how do you pick which messages to respond to?

I only answer the best questions. With some exceptions. Like now.

10:11pm ET - Mike, can you throw a football over those mountains?
No, but only because those mountains here in West Virginia are pretty tall.

10:14pm ET - Do you think the Philadelphia Eagles will win the NFC East?
I think the week off and the losses by the Cowboys and Eagles will give the Giants new life.

10:24pm ET - What will happen to Bud Adams?
By all rights he should be fined. Players get fined for that.

10:25pm ET - Mike, do you ever let Florio Jr. answer these questions for you?
I need to check with my dad before I answer this one.

10:27pm ET - Who do you think is the most explosive return man in the NFL?
It would be Percy Harvin if he knew how to catch punts with something other than his facemask.

10:28pm ET - Mike, how long do you think Tom Brady will play for the Patriots?
He has been talking about playing into his 40s.

10:29pm ET - Mike, do you know who are the craziest fans of the NFL?
The criminally insane?

10:30pm ET - Can you clarify what happened with Bud Adams?
The story is at PFT. (Translation: Give us a page view at PFT.) It has something to do with the middle fingers on both of his hands.

10:31pm ET - Mike who do you think is the best receiver in the NFL?
If there was any doubt before recently, it’s Randy Moss.

10:32pm ET - Mike, what would it take for Brady or Manning to LOSE their bid for the HOF?
Nothing. Manning has the career numbers, and Brady has the rings.

10:33pm ET - What is a good wine that goes with Thanksgiving and Football?
It depends on whether the economy has forced you to rely on the wines of the “screw-off top” region.

10:34pm ET - Who will jump ship from the UFL to the NFL before January?
Brooks Bollinger.

10:35pm ET - Who is Bud Adams?
He is Lou Costello’s partner. And he owns the Titans.

10:35pm ET - Hey Mike, do you think Michael Vick will ever get serious playing time with the Eagles?
Nope. Once they decided he’s not the future, they were done with him. They should just cut him but they’re too prideful to do that.

10:38pm ET - WHO DEY! Are the Bengals for real?

Sweeping the Ravens and Steelers is impressive. But they’ll truly be “for real” only if they can take care of the next three cream puffs -- Raiders, Browns, Lions -- in impressive fashion.

10:39pm ET - There’s no story about Bud Adams and the middle finger on PFT.
I don’t want to get into a whole debate on this chat but, yes, there is.

10:42pm ET - Mike, what is the worst team in the NFL according to you?
The Browns.

10:43pm ET - Big plans for Thanksgiving, Mike? Plan on catching the Lions’ game?
Family, food, football. We all watch the Lions because we have no other choice. (And now you know why the NFL won’t rotate that game -- it’s a prime captive audience.)

10:45pm ET - How do you salvage the Bears?
Fire Lovie Smith.

10:46pm ET - Why is the Adams story buried? Does he own stock in PFT?
No because we operate under the concept of chronology. The newest stuff is on top.

10:47pm ET - Florio, you sound like the talking pothole on that Geico commercial.
Isn’t there a character on Family Guy that talks like that?

10:49pm ET - Why are the holes on Brady’s helmet covered? To block noise? is that legal?
Its common for quarterbacks to cover their ear holes with tape. He needs to be able to hear the info from the sidelines.

10:50pm ET - Do you think the Browns could ever become a better team, if so what do they need to do to do so?

One thing they need to do is quit giving former Browns players any influence in what the current team does. Respect them, invites them to events, but when they start sharing opinions tell them to shut up.

10:52pm ET - Mike, how about a shout out to the city of OCEANSIDE, CA!
Hello, Oceanside! (Why do I have a feeling I’ll quickly be regretting that?)

10:53pm ET - Do you think Jeff Fisher will still be coaching the Titans next year?
After three straight wins, he’d have to do something stupid to get fired, like give the owner the finger.

10:55pm ET - Jim Brown openly said that AP was gonna be great before he was drafted, and the Browns didn’t listen. How can you blame former players and not Mangini or the owner Randy Lerner?
Just because Brown got one right doesn’t mean he knows what he’s doing. I just think that the Browns hold back the franchise by worrying about what the former players think. The fans don’t help matters by continuing to worship the former players after their careers end. It gives the former players more influence.

10:56pm ET - Gooooo Wes Welker!
Looks like he was intentionally tripped on that return.

10:56pm ET - Mike, what team do you think Jon Gruden will coach next year?
Keep an eye on the Redskins.

10:58pm ET - Why do you think you will regret giving a shoutout to Oceanside?
Because now everyone else will ask for a shoutout.

10:59pm ET - Mike, I always wanted to know, what if a player on the field needs to go to bathroom if they’re on the field?
The options are: (1) holding it in; or (2) for teams that wear yellow pants, not.

11:00pm ET - You probably get this quesion all the time but who’s better, Peyton or Brady?
I think Andrea Kremer must have told Brady about the results of the Hall of Fame poll.

11:02pm ET - Is Marvin Harrison going to play in the NFL again?

11:05pm ET - Guess they still have a chance.
Plenty of time left. Don’t give up on this one yet.

11:06pm ET - Mr Florio, how about a shoutout for West Paris, Maine?
Hello, West Paris, Maine! Even though it sounds made up.

11:07pm ET - You will answer a question about peeing, but not about the Cowboys game?
Is there a difference between a guy going in his pants and what the Cowboys did today?

11:09pm ET - Mike what do you think of the Chargers taking the AFC West this year?
Not sure who’ll win the division, but who would have dreamed they’d be tied for first less than a month after losing to the Broncos at home?

11:10pm ET - Are you going to be back again next year, after announcing that you only watch FOX instead of NBC?
My kid answered that question not me.

11:10pm ET - Mike what do you think about VY?
I think Jeff Fisher should be fired for giving up on him too quickly.

11:11pm ET - How about a shoutout for Scranton, PA?
Scranton gets enough free press every Thursday night.

11:12pm ET - What is the best game you have ever seen in person?
Super Bowl XLIII.

11:13pm ET - You said earlier about the Bears coaching spot, any guesses on who it should be ?
They need to consider Mike Shanahan, given his development of Cutler.

11:14pm ET - This isn’t the last Sunday Night Football game, is it?
No. There’s one every Sunday night. Flex scheduling starts next week.

11:15pm ET - Who do you think was the greatest running back of all time?
Walter Payton.

11:21pm ET - Single digit receiver number?

He’s officially a quarterback.

11:21pm ET - Hey, Mike, did you remember to bring the butfor?
Yes. It’s right next to the updog.

11:26pm ET - That pass interference was a horrible call.
How was it interference there when it wasn’t interference when the 49ers defender knocked the Bears receiver out of the way on Thursday night to pick off the ball?

11:29pm ET - Do you onside kick it or kick it deep?
I think they did the right thing kicking it deep, since they have their time outs.

11:29pm ET - Mike, how did you get your wife to marry you?

11:31pm ET - Besides Marvin Harrison having well disguised character issues, why has no team signed him?

I think the real issue is that he wanted too much money.

11:33pm ET - This is making me sick.
That was almost a pick six to ice the game.

11:35pm ET - WOW!!!
Holy crap. If any other coach tries that, he gets run out of town the next morning.

11:36pm ET - WOW...what a finish!
Colts still need to drive 29 yards and score.

11:37pm ET - Why go for it?

Barry Switzer tried that once for the Cowboys in a game against the Eagles and he was labeled a moron.

11:38pm ET - Was that not the dumbest call ever?
They should have let Addai score.

11:39pm ET - This is awesome. Super coach is going to cost them the game.
And it does. Wow.

11:40pm ET - I’m callin it . . . . COLTS WIN COLTS WIN!!!!!
So much for a 17-point lead.

11:40pm ET - Best SNF game of the year? I think so!
Rematch in playoffs will be even better.

11:41pm ET - Is that called bitter beer face?
I think that’s called bitter beer face.

11:43pm ET - Greatest Sunday Night game thus far this year?
I don’t know that Titans-Colts game in Week Five was a nail biter.

11:44pm ET - This is amazing.
Incredible game. Colts might run the table now, at least until they face San Diego or New England in the playoffs.

11:46pm ET - Instant classic! *clap clap clap clap clap*
What a game. Thanks to DVR, I’ll have something to watch tomorrow instead of Mad Men.

11:47pm ET - Thanks Mike for not answering a single one of my questions.
You’re welcome.

11:51pm ET - Thanks, Mike!!!
Thanks to all who spent some time with us. Great game tonight. See you next week for Eagles-Bears.