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Talib filed, then withdrew, appeal to suspension


As the Bucs deal with the sudden disappearance of cornerback Aqib Talib from a roster that is trying to dig out of an early-season 1-3 hole, we’ve got a couple of additional nuggets regarding the manner in which the four-game suspension for Adderall came to be.

First, we’re told that Talib initially appealed his four-game suspension -- but that he then withdrew the appeal. It’s possible that he decided to simply take his medicine (for taking something other than his medicine) now, given that he acknowledges taking the substance without a prescription. (Even with a prescription he likely would have been suspended; the league requires both a prescription and a waiver.)

Second, despite the widely-held belief that suspensions are finalized if at all by Tuesday of a given week, the Talib case proves that a guy can be yanked even after putting in a full week of practice. Even though he essentially “worked” all week, Talib will not be paid for Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.

The good news for Talib (relatively speaking) is that, in real time, his suspension will last only 22 days, since he’ll be reinstated the day after missing his fourth game.