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Team-by-team cap adjustments for 2013

[Editor’s note: The 2011 labor deal allows teams to carry over unused salary-cap space. Or to not carry it over. Listed below is the cap adjustment that is available to each team. Unless otherwise noted, the entire amount comes from cap money that can be carried over. The Cowboys and Redskins have net cap reductions based on $5 million and $18 million in cap penalties, respectively, for the 2013 league year. These numbers do not reflect availavle cap space but the amount of extra (or for the Cowboys and Redskins reduced) cap space over (or below) the unadjusted cap number, which is expected to be in the vicinity of $121 million per team.]

Eagles: $23.0 million.

Jaguars: $21.1 million ($19.5 million carryover).

Browns: $14.3 million.

Broncos: $14.1 million ($11.5 million carryover).

Chiefs: $14.0 million.

Seahawks: $13.2 million.

Titans: $12.8 million.

Bengals: $10.2 million ($8.5 million carryover).

Buccaneers: $10.1 million ($8.5 million carryover).

Bills: $9.8 million.

Vikings: $9.6 million ($8 million carryover).

Packers: $7.0 million.

Patriots: $5.6 million.

Dolphins: $5.3 million.

Raiders: $4.5 million.

Panthers: $3.6 million.

Cardinals: $3.6 million.

Colts: $3.5 million.

Jets: $3.4 million.

Bears: $3.2 million.

Saints: $2.7 million.

Texans: $2.4 million.

Steelers: $1.4 million ($758,000 carryover).

Falcons: $1.3 million ($300,000 carryover).

Ravens: $1.1 million.

Giants: $1 million.

Chargers: $995,000.

49ers: $859,000.

Lions: $466,000.

Rams: $247,000.

Cowboys: minus-$2.67 million ($2.33 million carryover).

Redskins: minus-$13.8 million ($4.27 million carryover).