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Teams, agents suspect that Chargers are talking to Okung’s advisor

As the Panthers are reportedly trying to recruit offensive tackle Russell Okung, Mike Florio feels that Okung not having an agent is hurting his future.

The Chargers reportedly are interested in tackle Russell Okung. Since he does not have an agent, they can’t talk to him until the new league year begins at 4:00 p.m. ET on Thursday.

Some agents and teams suspect (they don’t know, but they suspect) that the Chargers are communicating with Okung’s advisor, former NFLPA-certified agent Jimmy Halsell. Because Halsell isn’t currently certified by the union, however, teams can’t talk to him on Okung’s behalf before the new league year opens.

Agents who suspect it is happening are upset because this circumvention of the rules makes it easier for players to stop using agents. Teams who suspect it is happening are upset because they are following the rules by not contacting the Chargers or Halsell.

Again, it’s not known whether the Chargers have contacted Halsell, and Halsell technically wouldn’t be doing anything wrong by talking to the Chargers. It’s the Chargers who would be violating the tampering rules, if the communications are happening.