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Tebow dropping hints about where he’d like to go


The only noise on the Tim Tebow front seems to be from those shouting him down.

But it sounds like the former Jets backup is growing realistic about his plight, while looking for a specific set of conditions to help fix it.

According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, Tebow would “like to go where he can sit, learn behind great quarterback and coach. New Orleans would be perfect, for example.”

Well, yeah.

While that doesn’t take into account whether the Saints (or anyone) has any interest in him, it does point to one important fact, perhaps the most important.

Tebow may realize he’s broken.

A week with Vinny Testaverde might have helped, but if he’s ever going to be more than just a “leader,” and perhaps some day a “passer,” he’s going to need full-time tutoring. Specifically, someone to teach him how to play the game correctly, and someone who can tap into the talents he does have, while polishing the ones he doesn’t.

He picked the Jets over the Jaguars a year ago for reasons that didn’t seem entirely motivated by football. But if he’s willing to ratchet back his expectations off the field, and concentrate on getting better on the field, there still may be a chance to salvage something.

Whether anyone’s willing to help him toward that goal remains to be seen. The conditions it sounds like he’s seeking don’t exist many places, if we’re being honest. New Orleans, New England for sure, maybe Green Bay and a few others.

But if Tebow realizes he needs to be more concerned about the journey toward becoming a player than the destination, he might he halfway there.