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Texans reportedly are willing to listen to trade offers for Deshaun Watson

Mike Florio reviews the teams that may consider taking Deshaun Watson if he is traded by the Houston Texans.

With quarterback Deshaun Watson showing up for training camp and with the NFL not instructing him to go home with pay, it’s time for the Texans to begin yelling “sell!”

That’s precisely what they’ve done, leaking to the league-owned media outlet that the team is now (and supposedly has been) willing to listen to offers for Watson. But the price, as the team has leaked to the media company it partially owns, will be high -- at least three first-round draft picks “and more.”

Multiple teams had hinged any serious interest on Watson in Watson getting the 22 civil lawsuits against him resolved. Those cases are still pending, and the criminal investigation sparked by some of those same complaints has not yet been closed. Also, even if the NFL has not placed Watson on paid leave yet, that immediately could change based on new allegations or evidence.

So the question becomes whether any team would offer what the Texans want given the complications arising from the unresolved off-field issue. If enough teams come to the table, maybe they will.

The Broncos, Dolphins, and Eagles have long been believed to be the favorites to pursue Watson. By March, even more teams could be interested. The question for the Texans will be whether to hold out for what they want or to take what they can get.