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The updated Anti-Vick List

Here’s the semi-official PFT list of teams who have stated unequivocally that they have no interest in Falcons quarterback Mike Vick. Please let us know if/when more teams make their positions known.

Atlanta Falcons. (We know it kind of goes without saying.)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (The Bucs have been silent since Vick was reinstated; they previously have said they aren’t interested.)

Detroit Lions. (Pre-reinstatement.)

New York Jets. (Pre-reinstatement and last week.)

New York Giants. (Recently.)

San Francisco 49ers. (Pre-reinstatement and post-reinstatement.)

St. Louis Rams. (Pre-reinstatement, and possibly post-reinstatement.)

Dallas Cowboys. (Pre-reinstatement and recently.)

Washington Redskins. (Pre-reinstatement and recently.)

Houston Texans. (Pre-reinstatement and recently.)

Indianapolis Colts. (Pre-reinstatement.)

Seattle Seahawks. (Pre-reinstatement.)

Buffalo Bills. (Post-reinstatement.)

Cincinnati Bengals. (Post-reinstatement.)

Miami Dolphins. (Post-reinstatement.)

Kansas City Chiefs. (Pre-reinstatement and post-reinstatement.)

Philadelphia Eagles. (Post-reinstatement.)

Jacksonville Jaguars. (Post-reinstatement.)

Minnesota Vikings. (Post-reinstatement.)

Chicago Bears. (Post-reinstatement.)

Tennessee Titans. (Post-reinstatement.)

Oakland Raiders. (Post-reinstatement.)

New England Patriots. (Post-reinstatement.)

Cleveland Browns. (Post-reinstatement.)

Denver Broncos. (Post-reinstatement.)

San Diego Chargers. (Post-reinstatement.)