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The Panthers are the betting favorites to land Deshaun Watson

After a grand jury declined to indict Deshaun Watson on charges related to sexual misconduct allegations made against him, Mike Florio and Myles Simmons consider the QB's most likely landing spots.

As the trade market for Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson hits overdrive, a betting market is emerging. The folks at PointsBet have compiled odds for the next team for which Watson will take a snap.

The favorite is the Panthers at +175. However, until it’s known that Watson has changed his mind about the Panthers (he declined to waive his no-trade clause for Carolina a year ago), that’s a risky bet.

Next are the Buccaneers at +400, followed by the Seahawks at +450 and the Texans at +500.

The Browns are at +700, the Eagles at +800, the Dolphins at +800, the Saints are at +1000, and the Steelers are at +1000.

The Lions land at +2000, along with the Vikings and the Jets(!). The Colts are a +2500 proposition, along with the Raiders. The Titans are the longest shot listed at +3300.

Given the odds, the Eagles could be the best buy. Perhaps followed by the Bucs. Instead of betting the Texans, Dolphins, or Steelers, may we suggest lighting your money on fire; at least you’ll get some warmth before it disappears.

The Jets are an odd choice at +2000, given the presence of Zach Wilson. It’s also hard to imagine Watson choosing to play for the Lions, unless Dan Campbell makes one hell of a pitch. And it’s hard to envision the Texans trading Watson to the Colts or the Titans.

Again, none of this matters until we know where Watson wants to play.