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Three-point stance could get the boot

As the NFL looks for ways to reduce the number of concussions at every level of football, Commissioner Roger Goodell said during a Sunday appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation that he would not rule out a ban on the three-point stance, according to the Associated Press.

The traditional starting position for offensive and defensive linemen allows them to blast into each other, often with their helmets colliding. A two-point stance would allow players to start the process of blocking and shedding blocks with their heads in a higher position.

The league has demonstrated over the past few months an unprecedented commitment to reducing the number and severity of head injuries. The effort began not long after a House Committee made it clear to the NFL that, if the league doesn’t address the problem, Congress will do it instead.

PFT Planet, feel free to let us know how much you like (or, more likely, despise) this possibility.