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Former Giants running back Tiki Barber has teed off on Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb for his admission after Sunday’s tie in Cincinnati that he didn’t know an NFL game could end that way. “That’s an indefensible comment that he made,’' Barber said in an interview that will air later this week on Bloomberg’s On the Ball radio program. “He will live to regret it for a long time.’' (So, basically, it’s even worse than telling an on-air colleague that you’ll see her next Tuesday.) Meanwhile, we saw on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown an extended clip of Donovan’s comments, which contains even more evidence not only of ignorance as to the basic rules of the sport, but also of a complete lack of common sense. “I’d hate to see what happens in a Super Bowl or [I’d] hate to see what happens in the playoffs, to settle with a tie,” McNabb said. Donovan? Please. You’re going to injure yourself or someone else. ESPN’s Tom Jackson has this to say: “How do you not know? It’s common knowledge.” And, again, it makes us wonder what else McNabb doesn’t know. And it makes us wonder how he could stand up at that podium and admit to such glaring ignorance without realizing how it would be perceived by the media and the fans. As one reader pointed out today, maybe McNabb did it in order to get his ticket out of town. If so, it might just do the trick.