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TNA offers steel cage to Chad Johnson, Marvin Lewis


Bengals receiver Chad Johnson f/k/a Ochocinco wants to stay in Cincinnati, but he says he needs to fight coach Marvin Lewis before doing so.

On Twitter, Ochocinco has suggested a steel cage match. And the folks at TNA wrestling are willing to comply.

In a press release issued Wednesday, the group that once gave Bengals cornerback Pacman Jones a vehicle for moonlighting offered to provide the steel cage.

Sure, it’s a blatant publicity stunt. And, sure, it meshes well with Chad’s mastery of publicity.

Indeed, Chad is a lot smarter than most of us realize, as explained during the monologue portion of Wednesday’s PFT Live.

Besides, Johnson should be upset with Lewis. For eight years, the coach coddled and cuddled and enabled Chad. It’s wrong for Lewis to have done nothing for years and then to all of a sudden snap.

So we’re on your side, Chad. And we’re not saying that in order to get you to be a guest on PFT Live in Dallas. We’re doing it so you’ll rescind your vow to give us not one but two ass whoopings.

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