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To stay in Philly, McNabb may need another “financial apology”

During the 2008 season, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was benched at halftime of a game against the Ravens. After the 2008 season, McNabb reportedly wanted a “financial apology.”

He got one, via a restructuring of the final two years of his contract, giving him more than $5 million in exchange for no new years.

Now, the Eagles are receiving offers for McNabb, saying nothing to indicate that they won’t trade him. In less than a week, the possibility that McNabb will be traded has become a presumption.

So what if the Eagles turn their noses up at the various offers? Will McNabb happily return after knowing that the team considered dumping him for backup Kevin Kolb?

We think that McNabb will want something in return. Whether it’s more money for 2010, a long-term extension for 2011 and beyond, or a commitment that no restriction will be placed on his ability to walk away and sign with a new team after the season, McNabb will indeed want some sort of consideration if the Eagles decide they want to keep him.