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Tom Brady says there’s no retirement in his future

Mike Florio and Chris Simms dive into how the Buccaneers created a “mess” of an unusual power-dynamic between Todd Bowles and Bruce Arians in an effort to bring back Tom Brady.

On Tuesday, Chris Simms and I were spitballing on PFT Live about the disappointing (to date) 2022 seasons of Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. So I asked Chris a question that popped into my mind during our organic, loosely-organized conversation.

Which guy would be more likely to just call it quits during the season?

Chris answered the question. He didn’t say he thought Brady would quit during the season. I asked him, if one or the other was going to do it, which one would be more likely to walk? I believe that we used understandable English throughout the entirety of the discussion.

Apparently, some didn’t understand the English we used. Articles have been written about it, overstating the meaning and import of the comments Chris made. A beat reporter present for Brady’s midweek press conference characterized the discussion as speculation that Brady will in fact retire. And, as beat reporters sometimes do, he editorialized regarding how crazy he thought the suggestion was, as part of the question that he asked.

“I love the sport, and I love the teammates,” Brady said in response, after joking that he was there to announce his retirement. “And I want to go do a great job for this team like I always have. No retirement in my future.”

While we appreciate having a rent-free time-share in the heads of those who have to come up with questions for press conferences, it would have been far better to ask Brady not about our back-and-forth as to whether Brady or Rodgers would be more likely to walk away during the season but about Ben Roethlisberger’s claim that Brady looked like he didn’t want to be out there on Sunday in Pittsburgh.

So here’s the suggested question, for Brady’s next press conference: “Tom, Ben Roethslisberger said that against the Steelers it looked like you didn’t want to be out there. And I’ve been saying how crazy that is, so please don’t be mad at me for asking you the question. Now, please tell us all how wrong Ben is about what he said.”

Did I do that right?