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Tom Brady: Uncertainty is the reality for most NFL players, I’m no different

Mike Florio and Chris Simms draft the NFL events that will happen before Tom Brady ends up retiring.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s new contract with the Patriots allows the team to move on after the 2019 season, if the team so chooses. Brady says he’s fine with that.

Brady said today that the vast majority of NFL players go through life knowing they could get cut at any time, and that’s a part of being an NFL player that he’s willing to accept.

“It’s the reality for most guys in the NFL. I don’t want to think I’m any different from everyone else. Football’s a tough business. It’s a production business. I’m ready to go this year, and that’s really what matters, and that’s where my focus is. It’s a unique situation I’m in. It’s my 20th year with the same team and I’m 42 years old,” Brady said. “I’m really not worried about it. I’m secure for this year -- I think, at least, I got some first-team reps out there.”

The reality for Brady is that he’s a legend in New England, and he’s as close to Patriots owner Robert Kraft as any player is with any other owner. It’s probably safe to say the Patriots aren’t going to dump him before he’s ready to retire. But contractually, the Patriots could choose to move on. And Brady is OK with that.