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Tom Brady’s father blasts “NFL propaganda,” calls Roger Goodell a “flaming liar”

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has still not spoken publicly regarding the Ted Wells report, the suspension, and its aftermath.

Brady’s father now has. On the radio. Angrily.

Deadspin has the audio, and it’s worth a listen. It’s worth many listens.

And it’s definitely him. I called Tom Curran of CSN New England, who has spoken to Tom Brady Sr. on multiple occasions, and played some of it for Curran. Curran confirmed that it is indeed Brady’s dad.

Tom Sr. called KGO on Friday after host Chip Franklin raised the goofy question of whether fans should prefer having Tim Tebow to Tom Brady on their favorite team.

Tom Sr. started by appropriately telling the host that he is “being silly.”

“That’s a stupid question,” Tom Sr. added.

The wisdom of what Tom Sr. had to say later in the call probably will be the subject of debate within the Brady family and/or within the Patriots organization and/or within 345 Park Avenue. Regardless, here’s what he said after the host referred to some of the facts of the case.

“Is that the same facts that Chris Mortensen put out?” Tom Sr. said, speaking passionately. “That all the balls were underinflated by two pounds? That’s all lies. It’s all ESPN. It’s all NFL propaganda. Don’t you get it? . . .

“The only person who has testified under oath in this is Tom Brady,” Tom Sr. continued. “We know Goodell has lied. He lied in the Ray Rice case, he lied in this case, he has lied in the [Adrian] Peterson case. How many times do you need to know that this guy is a flaming liar?”

Tom Sr. also confirmed that Brady and the Patriots first became aware of the actual PSI numbers measured at halftime of the AFC title game on March 28, which is true. But the host immediately insisted that’s not what the NFL said.

“Who’s believing the NFL?” Tom Sr. said. “It’s a freaking kangaroo court? Are you kidding me?”

As a father, I love the passion. I love the emotion. And I would have had a hard time saying something other than “freaking” if I believed the name I share with my son had unfairly been dragged through the mud. But my son probably would be mortified by my public defense of him.

Chances are reporters soon will be asking Tom Jr. what he thinks of what his dad said.