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Tom Brady’s last two Super Bowl jerseys both recovered

Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jerseys were found and here's why the FBI had to get involved in the search.

It wasn’t only Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey that was stolen and is now recovered.

According to Tom Curran of, it was actually Brady’s last two Super Bowl jerseys that were stolen, and both of them have now been recovered from the same source.

The report says Brady’s Super Bowl XLIX jersey from two years ago was taken by the same person who took the Super Bowl LI jersey. Both were stolen at the Super Bowl, then taken outside the United States, and both were recovered in an FBI investigation.

It’s unclear how one person was able to steal two Super Bowl jerseys and sell them both overseas, and it’s also unclear why we’re just now learning that the two-year-old Super Bowl XLIX jersey had also been stolen. The missing Super Bowl LI jersey was reported within hours after the game ended and has been the subject of much discussion in the seven weeks since.

Brady will apparently get both of his jerseys back soon.