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T.O.'s salary expectations are on a sliding scale

He hinted at it on Wednesday morning, when receiver Terrell Owens said he’d take less money, LeBron-style, to become a member of the Patriots. Since then, we’ve learned that T.O. would drop his salary expectations for more teams than the Patriots.

Regardless of whether he ever had a flat minimum asking price of $5 million (and many believed that he did), we’re now told that Owens’ rate will rely upon the extent to which the interested team is -- or isn’t -- perceived to be a contender.

We’ve also gotten the impression that Owens currently has more than a few teams interested in his services, and that he could be facing at some point the question of taking the bird in the hand or keep waiting for other opportunities to arise, possibly due to injury.

So while it’s not quite time to get the popcorn ready, you should at least start thinking about whether you prefer the microwave variety, Jiffy Pop, or the old-school saucepan-style popper, where there’s inevitably one more kernel left to burst open after the lid comes off.